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What’s that on your hand????? *holds it* itS ME

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when people don’t talk back to me in tags i die inside.


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"Won’t deny I kind of enjoy it."


"But it’s a two-way situation. You just make it so easy to tease you.”

"Admit it, you just love me because I make bloody great coffee."


"It’s about the only thing we don’t argue over."

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Was… Was he believing her? The thought brought out a sigh of relief, and offering a small smile, she considered her options. There wasn’t much she could do, in all honesty.

"I can’t control it." Delilah began with a sheepish smile. "I usually just wait it out. I’ll eventually go back the same way I came, but until then I keep busy. I tend to just sit somewhere and wait. I rarely talk to anyone when this happens, so I keep to myself." She explained with a shrug. The sudden pause in the conversation made her realise she hadn’t introduced herself. "I’m sorry. I’m Delilah. Considering I literally just bled for you, I think at least a name was in order." 


He listened to her words carefully, nodding as she spoke, trying to make sense of what was going on    as if a girl, especially a time travelling one, showing up in the Glade at random was absolutely normal.

"So you just have to wait, basically? Nothing you can do about it?" Newt responded to her introduction with an involuntary holding out of his hand, as if to introduce himself as well, like he did many time before with all the Greenies. "I’m Newt. Sorry about the bleeding."




 What else do you want me to talk about?
       That shuck ugly face of yours? ❞ 


   ”Geez, you’ve learned how to use that word
five minutes ago and now you won’t shut up about it.”

Newt/Lydia “Something to remember”



"Well you get straight to the point" she said with a bounce "Like I remember" she mumbled under her breath

He frowned upon hearing her mumbled words, confused by their meaning. “What?”



Her hands clung onto his clothes like a lifeline.
She actually clung to him, crying, trembling with
the sobs that shook her shoulders.

                “I’m sorry. Newt, I’m so sorry.

Her head shook, and now that he was holding her
she didn’t seem to be able to stop crying. Even like
that, she attempted to speak desperate words.

                “You were my friend… and I didn’t…
                    I couldn’t… I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

That was all she could say. It was all she could think.


He shook his head, desperately, as if it was essential
to make Mallory feel better. Immediately he regretted
every time he had told her she hurt him, that she left him
    he made this happen, he made his best friend break down.

                         ”No. Mal, please. Stop, it’s fine. We’re fine.”

And it was then he realized that no matter how bad she had
hurt him in the past, he still cared for her all the same.
That she was still the same broken girl he had met years ago
and whom he wanted nothing more than to help.

He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her waist,
pulling her close. His hand touched her hair softly, as he had
done many times before, comforting her. This used to work 
  he would hold her and she would cry for hours, and then things
would be better and she would even smile for him; but her smile
seemed so far away now, so… gone, Newt wasn’t sure he would
ever see it again.

                   ”Mallory   You’re still my best friend. There hasn’t been
                    a single day where I hadn’t felt that way.”

Sanctuary || itsabloodygurl



With every passing moment, the overhanging threat of meeting his end intensified, the dark haired male bowing his forehead against the solid surface of the door he relentlessly pounded with his fist; tiny speckles of black dancing up to hinder his vision as his head span with a deep set nausea that proved utterly merciless. It seemed to be turning into quite the twisted circumstance, him wondering which would occur first, him passing out of the monstrosity that was chasing him covering enough ground to snatch him up from where he stood; Vince logically holding out for the former, at least then he wouldn’t have to be conscious for the moment the horror that lurked in the shadows delivered it’s fatal blow.

His heart was racing and if the theory of any living thing only having a certain amount of heartbeats within its lifetime before the muscle gave out beneath the strain of it all were true, the warrior understood he was being rather wasteful when it came to his personal allowance; the need to calm himself, to urge his figure into adopting the usual sense of control it possessed during battle overwhelmingly vital, although somewhat impossible given the battering his body had been propelled through in the previous cluster of hours. He was a complete and utter wreck, anyone who laid eyes upon him could deduce such a fact within seconds, his hair matted, his flesh slicked with blood, sweat and ichor; his clothes torn and littered with bodily fluids. He looked about as well as he felt, a deep ache that was gradually infecting his bones distracting him from the oncoming footsteps on the other side of the door; his senses delayed in the act of picking up the presence of another, a familiar voice finally pulling him back into a state of much needed clarity.

Newt…” He breathed out, his husky tone fading fast along with every ounce of energy that’d been magnified by a sharp injection of adrenaline into his bloodstream. “I-It’s… V-Vi… Open. The. Door.” As if to emphasize the urgency of the moment, the horrific creature that’d been tailing him through the thick vegetation that surrounded the house he now stood before shrieked, its high pitched whine sending an involuntary shiver down the center of its spine; a scuttle of talons signifying it was making its way towards him. He did the only thing he could, his fist slamming into the surface of the door once again as his deep orbs squeezed shut, a slither of his subconsciousness counting down the seconds until his life was abruptly taken from him. 


Vincent. He could recognize that voice anywhere    and given all the times his friend had shown up at his place late at night, this certainly wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for Newt.

Before his mind could go through all the possible scenarios as to why the boy was at his door this time, a deafening sound surrounded him; it definitely came from outside, and Newt knew he had to bring Vincent in the house before anything happened, before it was too late.

He sprung the door open, spending but a second looking at the breathless, bruised boy in front of him. Had this been the first time this happened, Newt probably wouldn’t have noticed the pool of blood forming under his dark attire, or how the grip on his weapon was significantly looser than how he usually held it, or even how his breathing was heavy, indicating he had been running for a while and also that he was close to blacking out    but this had happened many times before, and Newt had seen his friend close to death far more than any person should.

His body took over and repeated the familiar movement of gripping the boy’s wrist and pulling him inside the house, before locking the entrance and making sure no one else would go in.

Vincent’s heavy breaths became louder and Newt took a deep breath himself, trying to stay calm so he could help his friend.

"Vincent." Newt walked over to him, leaning closer to see how bad his injuries were. "What happened this time?"